One of the 6 Rahkshi. He both nearly killed Fred and got killed himself in Dark709's Comics: The Movie.

Biography Edit

Turahk was hired by Sir. Pickles along with the five other Rahkshi after he was fired by Dark709. Turahk was the leader of the Rahkshi and Sir. Pickles's most trusted Rahkshi (assumed). He assisted him.

At some point he was commanded to kill Fred. He had a sword fight with him and he presumably killed Fred. Later he was made the general of the Zimmwad army with the other Rahkshi but was killed by Toa Bob.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Turahk was the most serious and furious of the Rahkshi. He had the power of fear but never used it. He also had some energy blasting powers.

Appearances Edit

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