Dark709's Comics:The Movie 2: Origin of Malice Borg explains the history of the Comic Land before Malice Borg.

The Poster for the Second Movie

Summary (Quoted from the post) Edit

"This movie is actually a prequel to the first one. This movie will delve deeper into the history of the Comic Land, the origin of Bz-Metru, and dark secrets the Comic Land holds. This is the story of how one matoran name Bormatu turned against his land...

Bormatu was a matoran skilled in the ways of the Boboobian Ninja. He was perhaps the best fighter all around. Although, his skills were never used for anything besides tournaments for the Comic Land had three EXTREMELY powerful Toa type guardians who could protect them from any threat. Bormatu decided he wanted to start a new group of heroes. A group of skilled Ninjas to help the Toa. But soon, his ambitions began turning sinister in his quest to be a "hero". He gathered deadly, and skilled Ninjas to help him. Soon, he was ransacking new coming-matoran ships, sending his ninjas on terrible errands, and attempting to steal dangerous weaponery. He was blinded to the fact that he was no longer doing good, which led him to a terrible descision. His team would replace the Toa. But mere Ninjas could not defeat these powerful Toa. So he had to find some way to make himself powerful enough to defeat any Toa. That was when he snapped. An evil plan began to form in his mind, and so began the conspiracy against the three Toa heroes, and the Origin of Malice Borg."




Part 1Edit

Episode Synopsis
Part 1 of 1 none
Part 2 of 1 none
Part 3 of 1 none
Part 4 of 1 none
Part 5 of 1 none
Part 6 of 1 none
Part 7 of 1 none

Part 2Edit

Episode Synopsis
Part 1 of 2 none
Part 2 of 2 none
Part 3 of 2 none
Part 4 of 2 none
Part 5 of 2 none
Part 6 of 2 none
Part 7 of 2 none

Part 3Edit

Episode Synopsis
Part 1 of 3 none
Part 2 of 3 none
Part 3 of 3, First Half none
Part 3 of 3, Second Half none
Part 4 of 3 none
Part 5 of 3Part 5 of 3 Note none
Part 6 of 3 none
Part 7 of 3 none
Superkid11's Filler Episode none
Finale: Part 1 none
Finale: Part 2 none
Finale: Part 3 none
Alternate Ending by Dark709 none




  • Superkid11 initially suggested the idea, according to the ending credits. He has been seen posting about it, saying his original draft was bland and confusing, while Dark made it much more interesting. (can somebody find this post? Superkid711 19:12, 25 April 2008 (UTC))
  • Bormatu's strange body and eye have never been explained.
  • Zero and Orez have the same name reversed.
  • The Ninja wear a combination of the Noble Mahiki and Huna. Orez and Zero wear a great Mahiki and Huna, respectively.
  • The member "Darthbrandon14" of BZPower, and long time fan of the comics and movies, has confirmed making a non-canon prequel to this movie. His movie, D709CTM-IV: Rise of the Elite Toa, is going to be released around March, 2009. Darthbrandon said the story focuses on Matrak, rather than Bob or Kazu, and he also has said it shows his idea of how Matrak got his mutation. The movie will feature many BZPower members as guest stars, including

Turakii#1 Lavasurfer, Toa Nuva of Alex, Blade Titan974, and many others.

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