Takua is Bob's twin brother & is 11 like Bob. Like Bob, Takua's favorite tv shows are jaller the movie, jaller 2 randomania, annoying orange, & robot chicken. He also likes digimon adventure. Unlike Bob, who loves cookies, Takua likes crackers. He also has a high-pitched voice, is obnoxious, & runs around screaming when he's excited, in a similar manner to Fred Figglehorn. He also thinks christmas is creepy. He does lots of pranks like, stepping on Bob's cookies, belching really loudly in Dark709's ear, & ripping Zacku's top off when he thinks she doesn't notice.


  • "Not for stupid people!" (when hogging his crackers)
  • "Crackers..."
  • "Hewkii doesn't like you. He likes Macku. Only I like you." (to Zacku when she asks or makes him mad.)\
  • "Aah!" (after finishing level 3 in the scary maze.)

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