The Ta-Koro reserve is a village to where several Ta-Matoran were moved while Metru-Nui was being rebuilt. The village is located in volcanic area in the mountains of the Eastern Comic Land. They were terrified when they found out Malice Borg had moved to a nearby mountain, but fortunately Malice Borg either didn't know they were there or had no interest in them.

They frequently trade with Bobooba, due to their close proximity.

Ulterior motive for the reservesEdit

Since The Comic Land is on the surface of the Bionicle planet, it does not count as the "Matoran Universe" created by Mata-Nui, and is instead under the jurisdiction of Hapori Tohu. This being the case, if Mata-Nui were to die and not be revived, The Comic Land would not be affected, and would be an ideal place to evacuate to. Hapori Tohu is more than happy to provide this service.

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