Sir. Fluffums of Zanya (Comic)
Comic Category Storyline Comic
Season Version 4.0
Writer Dark709
Used Kit Chimoru Omega
Panels 26

Sir. Fluffums of Zanya, is the second comic of the version 4.0 of Dark709's Comics. It starts with Pickles explaining Mr. Zimmwad about a kitten that he found on the street. He takes out the modified cat which he has given the name: Sir. Fluffums of Zanya. It scratches Mr. Zimmwad when he tries to get closer with it. After that it is shown killing many innocent Matoran wandering on a field.

Characters in this Comic Edit

Settings Edit

  • Timmy's Treehouse
  • A field

External Links Edit

  • Read the comic here

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first comic to feature Sir. Fluffums of Zanya.
  • The red scratches on Mr. Zimmwad after Sir Fuffums of Zanya attacked him, were mistakenly thought as blood by various fans. It started a fuss, since blood wouldn't be very appropriate for Bionicle comics. Dark explained the misunderstanding.

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