When Sir Pickles was hiring evil minions to help him in his revenge against Dark709, he found and adopted the Rahkshi. They were immensely powerful and loyal to Pickles, but during the movie, all of them were trapped in a pit, with the exception of Lerahk.


Rahkshi Power
Vorahk Weakener: Vohrahk can absorb powers of others and use them temporarily in battle. Vohrahk was defeated by Toa Bob in Dark 709's Comics: The Movie.
Lerahk Poison: Lerahk can send poison through any medium, although usually solid, strong enough to weaken even a Toa Nuva. Fred succeeded in trapping Lerahk in a pit in Malice Borg's mountain, but was later found there, alive. Now the only Rahkshi left, Lerahk serves Sir Pickles.
Panrahk Fragmentation: Panrahk can detonate anything, causing severe damage to the opponent. His powers are such that even the ground beneath his feet shatters. Panrahk was flattened by Kopaka's shield during the Boboobian War.
Turahk Fear: Turahk can plant fear into the hearts of even the bravest of heroes. Turahk was defeated by Toa Bob in Dark 709's Comics: The Movie.
Kurahk Anger: Kurahk can sow anger and hatred into the minds of anyone, even the purest. Kurahk was defeated by Toa Bob in Dark 709's Comics: The Movie.
Guurahk Disintegration: Guurahk can send a web of cracks through objects, causing them to disintegrate until only fragments of dust are left. Guurahk was flattened by Dark709 and his friends with a carriage.

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