A kraata is dangerous and can infect people and masks. One time Makuta used kraata to possess the Rahkshi. Sir Pickles used a kraata to infect Lucas709, turning him into Dark709. Zacku has a pet kraata named Truffles, but in the comic "Goodbye to Zacku's kraata," when Dark709 was babysitting Truffles, Torri Torri killed him. Then Zacku tried to murder Dark709 for not defending Truffles and Torri Torri for killing Truffles in the Toa Jetice fan comic, but Toa Jetice, Dark709, and Torri Torri fooled Zacku with another kraata that looks like Truffles. But in another two Toa Jetice fan comic Zacku found out that he was fooled and "killed" them. Mr. Zimmwad had a pet kraata named Gustav, but it was dead.

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