Species : Toa
Group : Characters
Kanohi : Recuperi
Colors : Fried Goods
Element : Brown/Silver
Occupation : Toa Hapori
Tools : Shield
Location : N/A
Status : Deceased
Pronunciation : (ka-ZOO)

Kazu is the Toa of Fried Goods. He controls the power of Fried Goods and he can cover his enemies with fried grease. He thought Bob killed Hapori Tohu until he realized it was Bormatu after Bormatu became Malice Borg. Kazu is always jumping into battles without thinking. He is part of the Toa team with Bob , and Toa Matrak. After Bormatu absorbed Bob's power, Kazu and Matrak immediately attacked him. During the battle, Malice Borg impaled Kazu with his staff blade, mortally wounding him and causing him to fall off the edge. Matrak tried desperately to save him but it was no use, Kazu was almost dead. He fell to the war below. When he died, another movie (not Dark709 but accepted by SK11) states that his spirit transformed into the Soul Matrix, SK11 has said that it's not his actual spirit but connected to it, his actual spirit having become a sort of Grim Reaper.

Kazu's mask is the Kanohi Recuperi, the mighty mask of healing. This mask power is very difficult to perfect. When Matrak suffered serious injuries after a battle, Kazu attempted to heal him but put too much of his "fried goods" power into it and wound up melting him. Matrak managed to become mostly solid again, but in a strange mutant form. Kazu had a great deal of trouble forgiving himself for this incident.


  • Kazu was designed by Superkid11
  • Though it is difficult to see, in Superkid-animated finalie of the second movie, you can see a close-up of Kazu's corpse being trampled by the fighting Guards and Ninja.
  • o rly?

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