Hapori Tohu 1

Hapori Tohu, as depicted on the BZP head banner

Hapori Tohu is BZPower's logo, and mascot. His name literally translates to "Community Symbol" in Maori.[reference needed]

Dark709's Comics: The Movie 2Edit

In Dark709's Comics: The Movie 2, he was the wise ruler of the Comic Land. The movie depicts how Bormatu assassinates him and publicly frames Toa Bob for the act. His final words were "I will never be... gone." He repeats this line in spirit form at the end of the movie.


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Hapori Tohu is the "son" of a powerful entity known as Hapori-Nui, which is also the true name of the Comic Land. After the creation of the land of the same name, Hapori-Nui's power was so great that he had to split apart. One result was Hapori Tohu, a benevolent leader and law maker. The other was Tohu's brother, Hapori Dume, who enforced the laws Tohu made with an iron fist.

Tohu and his brother are said to both be nearly equal in power to the great spirit Mata-Nui. Tohu brought Matoran to Hapori-Nui, one of the first inhabited islands on the surface of the Bionicle planet. He trusted them with the land, gave them laws to follow and a purpose. Eventually, Tohu fully manifested himself on the plane of Matoran, just to see them in person. There is hardly anyone on Hapori-Nui who doesn't like Tohu. He is not only the ruling spirit, but also, in a way, the "face" and mascot of the land. His maskless face is recognized by almost everybody.

Trivia Edit

  • In Lavaside Rahi's movie, Lady Evrai's clone describes Tohu as "Tyrant-like" because of the fact that his image is everywhere. However, the Matoran are actually responsible for this, not Tohu.
  • Unlike Mata Nui, Hapori Tohu cannot be permanently killed. He is in the process of coming back to life, though this a very slow process. He is able to observe the land while he is dead, but observing is all he can do. Hapori Dume is the only one who can kill him for good.[1]
  • On BZPower, Hapori Tohu speaks in the third person. (example: Hapori Tohu is pleased you remember him.) He doesn't do this in the second movie.



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