This is a list of minor characters who have appeared in Dark709's Comics.

The Picnic Basket WrestlerEdit

In a guest star comic, an evil picnic basket tries to eat Bob. A Matoran comes, saying that he's a expert in wrestling picnic baskets. The basket attacked the wrestler, who has not been seen since.

Stuke PiewalkerEdit

A powerful ant warrior who bravely died by being crushed by Bob.

Varth MoleEdit

An evil termite who is skilled with the pie saber and was killed by Stuke Piewalker.

Sign PlacerEdit

In the two leaf clover comic, this Matoran places a sign telling Bob to "read this".

The Randomly Pixelized Ta-MatoranEdit

In the "hot hot day" comic a Ta-Matoran made a drink that will quench any heat and using the mighty power of copy and paste gave a bottle to all the characters. He has not been seen since.


A salesman that appears randomly in a fan comic, a GS comic, etc.

Old LadyEdit

She showed up in the 4.0 Valentine's Day Special to whack Takanuva for trying to ask Light907 out.

The QuackEdit

The Doctor who took Whenua away after one year of Dark's comics. He said that Whenua made excellent "progress".

Greg FarshteyEdit

He appeared in a 2.0 comic. He was captured by Sir Pickles and was in an explosion. He also was in a fan comic where he turned into "Mega Greg".


He appeared in "Bob's New Lama" as a Farmer going to eat the lama Bob saved.

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