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Dark709's Comics: The Movie is a movie created by Dark709 detailing the Boboobian War and the downfall of Malice Borg.

The Poster for the First Movie

Premise (Quoted from the First post)Edit

"This movie, is based on my original comic series. It is about the struggle between Dark709, and his arch foe, Sir. Pickles.

Welcome to Dark709's Comics: The Movie. This movie is based on the original hit sprite comic series following the hilarious adventures, of a Matoran named Dark709, and all his freinds. The movie is a bit more serious then the comics, but I managed some humour in there.

When Dark709 is summoned by a mysterious Matoran named Fred, he finds out that Sir. Pickles has cloned an evil army of robitic clones. The clones are based on his idiodic henchman, Mr. Zimmwad. Worse, he has teamed up with a powerful enemy called Malice Borg, who is a tyrant to the outer comic lands, and the Bobooba tribe.

This movie will lead you through twists, and turns, untill all is revealed in the end, as Bob and I discover our tragic, and noble destinies..."

First the trailer.

Episode ListEdit

Part 1Edit

Part 1 of 1

Part 2 of 1

Part 3 of 1

Part 4 of 1

Part 5 of 1

Part 6 of 1

Part 7 of 1

Part 2Edit

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Part 3 of 2

Part 4 of 2 part 1

Part 4 of 2 part 2

Part 5 of 2

Part 6 of 2 part 1

Part 6 of 2 part 2

Part 7 of 2

Part 3Edit

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Part 4 of 3

Part 5 of 3

Part 6 of 3

Part 7 of 3

Part 4Edit

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Part 5 of 4

Part 6 of 4

Part 7 of 4

Part 5Edit

Part 1 of 5

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5

Part 4 of 5

Part 5 of 5

Part 6 of 5

Part 7 of 5

Part 8 of 5, Finale

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