This is a list of various creatures that have appeared in Dark709's Comics.

Zombie Man-Eating SpoonEdit

When Dark709 wasn't infected he left Le-Koro and was attacked by this monster. Lucas escaped and ran away. The monster hasn't been seen since.

Dead SpiderEdit

A dead spider that was found in a Boboobian Ninja prisoner hole. Its never seen in any comic, mentioned only once in OoMB, but its brain is seen in almost every comic; for Mr. Zimmwad possesses its brain.

Cookie MonsterEdit

A strange monster shaped like a giant cookie. It only appered on Dark709's halloween party where it scared everyone off.

Hooded FigureEdit

A strange being in a dark cloak. It "ate" Bob and Newsy, but Dark709 revealed that it was Bob's parents with a staff of darkness. It was clear that it was fake to Dark709 and friends. But meanwhile on a dark and empty street, the real hooded figure roams. He has never been seen again in the comics.