The comic eraser was an invention of Sir Pickles. It had the ability to erase things in the comic, and was used by Pickles erasing the characters, but Light 907 saved the day by pulling out it's plug, and using it on Pickels. It made an appearance in 2.0, and then a rebuilt appearance in a 4.0 guest star comic, in which it erased Tomdroised, Zacku and Dark, before it was eaten by Arnold, returning them to normal. It was seen in the first movie, in which Sir Pickles combined all his invetions, to create a Cloning Machine, but was destroyed along with the rest of the Cloning Machine by Toa Bob. It also appeared in the third movie, where Sir Pickels had placed it in a container with the words "Not Edible" on a sign attached to it.

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