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The Co-Author Staff is composed of:

  • Leppy
  • Gold Takua
  • D-Shadow
  • ~Vahki Commander~
  • Tapika
  • Chronicler of Ko-Koro
  • Toatapio Nuva
  • Lemonardo114
  • Hordika Makuta

They have been inactive in Dark709 comic-making for several months. Leppy has been working one Dark709's Comics: The Game, Tapika has made additions to the kit, D-Shadow has been making comics in his two series, Toatapio Nuva has recently made an edit to this wiki and has been working on a Comic Land Mini-Wiki, Lemonardo114 has been making current additions to the Chimoru Non-Omega kit, and the others haven't done anything for Dark709 at all recently.

More recently, D-Shadow has decided to come back to Dark709's comics, mostly because he's a really awesome and cool guy that every one should look up to. So is his twin brother... Er... I mean because he wants to help out Dark.

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