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A kit is usually a large picture of pixel sprites in a format such as .png or .gif, in which the characters and their positions are copied and pasted to make comics.


In the beginning, there was razor. This was a chibi kit produced by Marty Razor, and was used in the first 2 seasons of Dark709's comics and the first 2 movies, it is an extremely popular kit, though Dark felt an urge to make his comics...unique. Many people used the Razor sprites but yet also the same they wanted to make their comics more unique.

Chimoru KitEdit

In 2005, Dark rereleased his kit upon BZP, and renamed it The Chimoru Kit. He used it for his comics in season 3.0 to great affect. The kit was completed around 2006, but some how has 2007 kits. This kit was recieved positively, some dare say that the kit was the new razor. Then it was time for... a little ugrade.

Chimoru OmegaEdit

2007, this was the year of the Omega. This Is Dark709's new kit that he has used in season 4.0 and his upcoming sequel to Dark's first movie. This kit was well recieved too, and almost is the next razor, as most "newbie" comic makers use it first. Whether this is good or bad is unknown. This kit comes in 4 parts at the moment:

Chimoru omega!

Ultimate chimoru Omega kit!  

The Brotherhood of Makuta kit, By Mercenus

2008 light side kit, by Lewajohnson: Toa of Mangosteen

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