This is a list of advisory templates to use when editing pages, if you see an error in the page.

Off topic 1 (Parts of) this article are/is off topic. Please edit the article so that the content corresponds to the title.

This is the Off Topic template. It is always spelt OffTopic, with a capital T, so keep that in mind when using it. It is used whenever an article's content does not directly relate to the title.

Spork Parts of this article were sporked from another site without sources being cited. Please help find the sources for the information and put them into a "References" section.

Also known as the Copy\Paste template. Just type in "Spork" with template code (without the quotation marks.) Used for when an article contains any amount of information taken from other sites without sources being cited. The idea for the "Spork" template was originally taken from Uncyclopedia, so credit should be given where due.

Stub 1 This article is a stub. You can help Dark709's Wikia by expanding it.

Anyone can create a three-word article, so this template is to attach to those to notify people to expand the article. Use "Stub" for the template code.

Disambiguation 1 This article is a disambiguation page. Please visit one of the links below, or if the page you are looking for does not exist, create it.

Placed on any disambiguation page to let the reader know (although it should be fairly obvious anyways. Use "Disambiguation" for the template code.

Toomany 1 This article has too many templates. Do us a favor and edit the article so it doesn't need so many.

Used when any page has too many templates on it (defined as three or more.) Always spelt "TooMany". Once the article has been edited so that only two or less of the templates are needed, this template can be removed.

If you have an idea and would like me to make a template, leave a message on my userpage. -Jayinhar 04:23, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

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